Why Participate?

There are many great reasons to participate in this program whether you are a student, parent, teacher or school. We have highlighted some of the top reasons below:


  • See the wonders of France with your friends
  • Meet and make French friends for a lifetime
  • Be immersed in the French culture and language with your peers
  • Have an adventure of a lifetime
  • Be an ambassador for your school, community, state and the USA
  • Experience France like the French!


  • Safe, educational way for your child to experience another culture
  • Children travel with a group of peers from their school or local area
  • Students travel with teachers from their school or other school approved adults
  • Reasonably priced 2 week exchange
  • International medical insurance is included in the price
  • French and American parents and families communicate with each other


  • Safe, structured way to introduce students to our global society
  • Immersion in the culture at a personal level, i.e., not tourists
  • Promotes excellence for schools by actively seeking parent and community involvement with the schools
  • Schools have a certain amount of autonomy within the structure of the program
  • Extension of classroom curriculum and instruction in the language and culture through real life application
  • Assistance with hosting budget for activities
  • Ground transportation for the visiting French group to and from the airport if needed
  • We provide a suggested curriculum for the student and parent meetings
  • From our years of experience, we have an extensive list of Best Practices to share
  • We provide support throughout the program


  • There is little cost to the hosting school or school district. Yet this exchange program promotes:
    • Community support for the school through local business involvement
    • Positive family and parent involvement with the schools
    • Local publicity for the schools
    • Civic duty by students who act as student ambassadors for the school, community, state and USA.
    • Teaches students to be global citizens

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