Don’t just learn about the culture.

Experience it! Live it!

Welcome to the French American Cultural Exchange Program

Our in-school and in-family immersion program provides educational exchanges between schools in France and North America. It promotes cultural awareness and knowledge of languages, and encourages students to become citizens of a global society. For 2 weeks, students experience the culture like a native. During the day, the French and Americans attend school together on some days and on other days they go on field trips to explore local destinations.

In the evening and on the weekend, students spend quality time with their hosting families.

“Le bonheur est parfois caché dans l’inconnu!” – Victor Hugo
(Happiness is sometimes hidden in the unknown)

Come discover “la joie de vivre”!

Top French Facts

  • Mainland France is divided into 27 regions accounting for 101 departments.
  • ANTICONSTITUTIONNELLEMENT is the longest official French word
  • The only time you will see the letter “W” in a French is if it is a foreign word. (ex. La Wifi, les W.C., le weekend)
  • 45% of all English words have French origins. (ex: ballet, café, chocolate, etc.)
  • In the USA, French is the 4th most used language in the country.
  • French has more than a million words and adds more than 20,000 new words a year.
  • French is 2nd only to English for the number of countries where it has official status.
  • France is the Number 1 tourist destination in the world
  • French is the 2nd most widely learned foreign language in the world.
  • French is one of the few languages spoken throughout the world.

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Important Dates for Students Traveling to France

Early registration by July 1st (with deposit) in order to receive a discount.

1st payment due in November.

2nd payment due in January.

3rd and final payment due in February.

Copy of student passport due by February.

Medical documentation due by March.

Americans travel to France for 2 weeks between March and July.



Why Participate?

There are many great reasons to participate in this program whether you are a student, parent, teacher or school.