FACEP (The French American Cultural Exchange Program) is a not-for-profit organization that works in direct partnership with La Ligue de l’Enseignement (which is part of the Ministry of Education in France) to offer three ways for students to participate: Back-to-Back, Host Only and Travel Only1.

Back-to-Back Option

This is a reciprocal exchange usually between a French school and an American school1. An American student participating as a back-to-back student will host a French student in his/her home for 2 weeks. Subsequently, the American student will then travel to France with students from his/her school accompanied by his/her teacher(s) or adults from the school. The American student will then stay for 2 weeks in the home of the French student they hosted in the USA.

Host Only Option

The American student will host a French student in his/her home for 2 weeks, but chooses not to travel to France with his/her classmates and teacher.

Travel Only Option 2

The American student does not host, but will travel to France with his/her classmates and be placed in a French host family that is part of the French school(s) the other Americans will be visiting while in France.

1 Sometimes, smaller schools will pair together to do the program. In these instances, the students could be a group of students from the same city or region traveling together under the guidance of teacher(s) usually from one of the participating schools.

2 It is advised that if a student intends to travel to France he/she host as well. This provides for a much more enriching experience. It allows for the American and French families to interact on a regular basis before the American child travels to France.