This program is a reciprocal exchange usually between an American and a French school or a group of schools in one community. It is organized by a staff member at a particular school or a parent directly connected to the school(s).

Types of Schools

This program is open to both public and private schools large or small.

Grade levels

Elementary Schools (4th graders and up)
Middle Schools/Junior Highs
High Schools


FACEP views students who host and/or travel to France as student diplomates/ambassadors for their schools, their communities and their states. Their behavior and demeanor should demonstrate at all times that they are indeed a student diplomate/ambassador for the United States.

All students applying to this program must go through a reference check. Therefore, a student applying to this program must be:

  • A student in 4th to 12th grade1
  • In good academic standings in his/her classes (C or better)
  • In good behavioral standings by his/her educational institution
  • Trustworthy
  • Able to follow directions given by the adults in charge of his/her safety
  • Able to work well with peers
  • Someone who can accept differences
  • Someone willing to try new things

1 A 12th grader’s ability to travel at the end of his/her senior year (after graduation) will be at the discretion of the lead teacher and his/her school district. FACEP supports the local district’s policy regarding this issue.


FACEP understands that the definition of family has many meanings. Therefore, we are an inclusive organization regarding the various types of families that exist in our society and abroad. This includes:

  • Single family households
  • Families who adopted or a legal guardian of the student wanting to participate
  • Divorced families
  • Recomposed families
  • Same-sex parent households


The following is a list of the most common reasons a student or a family would not be allowed to participate in this program. Please be advised this is not an exhausted list. Any behavior deemed unworthy by the educational institution or FACEP will result in a review of a student and/or family.


Students who cannot participate are:

  • College or university level students
  • Students in poor academic standing
  • Students with a poor disciplinary record
  • Those who demonstrate a lack of respect for others
  • Those who have difficulty working with others
  • Those who demonstrate an inability to follow rules


Families who cannot be considered for hosting are:

  • Families with a known sex offender living in the household
  • Families who cannot arrange to have supervision after school hours
  • Families who have had any reported incidents of violence or child neglect